Once an order has been placed, the order and any other information provided cannot be changed. Orders placed separately will be dispatched separately.


The seller “Seller” reserves the right not to accept orders which are abnormal in relation to the quantity of goods purchased (“Goods”) or the frequency of purchases made on this website (“Website”) by the same customer (“Purchaser”), as well as in relation to the improper or suspicious use of gift certificates.


The Seller reserves the right to refuse an order in the case in which the Seller does not obtain the approval of the payment from customer’s bank.


The Seller reserves the right to delay any shipment in case the Seller cannot properly process orders due to any reasonable causes that are irrelevant to the Seller’s control.


Once the availability of the Good(s) has been confirmed and payment has been approved by the Purchaser’s bank, the order will be processed within the next working day.


The Seller processes orders in Italy, from Monday through Friday. Orders placed from Friday evening to Sunday will be processed the following Monday.


The Purchaser will receive orders indicatively within 4-5 business days after the order has been accepted.


Please note that during seasonal sales and promotional sales, there may be delays in order processing.


The Seller suggests Purchasers to visit the website of the courier in order to monitor the status of the order.


The Seller delivers parcels via DHL Express and it cannot be held responsible for delays of the shipments due to meteorological conditions, customs inspections and other circumstances that are irrelevant to the Seller’s control.


According to the current international regulations of commerce, inside the parcel there will be an official invoice along with the merchandise. The invoice will include the number of Goods purchased, the total amount of the purchased merchandise in the same currency of the original order, including VAT, and the amount of any single Good purchased.


Shipping costs for each specific geographic area are listed below.

ITALY – Euro 12

EUROPEAN COUNTRIES (including United Kingdom) – Euro 25



Please note that customers will take care of any duty and tax fees, when applicable. The Purchaser will correspond this amount to the courier service, according to the process recommended by the courier service itself.


When the order will be delivered to the courier service, the Purchaser will receive an email from the courier providing the tracking number related to the order.


In order to monitor the status of the order, the Purchaser may visit the courier official website and insert the tracking number in the specific area where it is possible to track your shipment.


Once the parcel is delivered to the Purchaser, he/she is kindly invited to carefully inspect the parcel before signing and confirming the completed delivery of the same.


If the Purchaser receives a parcel that has been opened by Customs or by the courier service for authorized inspections, the parcel will be closed with a tape as a warranty seal.

In case the parcel results damaged, the Purchaser is kindly invited to immediately contact the Seller at the e-mail address indicated in the “Contacts” section of the Website and to return to the Seller the package in the same condition he/she has received it, including the original packaging, in order to allow the Seller to file a claim against DHL within 30 days from the date of delivery of the parcel under penalty of forfeiture.